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Adam Bennett Named Banner Bearer for Fall 2023 Commencement

Andrea Payne

December 1, 2023

Adam Bennett

Adam Bennett, a senior Creative Media Industries and Advertising double major from Allen, Texas, has been named the College of Media & Communication's Banner Bearer for the Fall 2023 commencement ceremony. With more experience under his belt since he began his studies in 2020, Adam plans to use his talents and knowledge he gained in the workforce immediately after graduating.

Banner Bearers are students who are selected to represent CoMC based on their academic merit, professionalism, leadership, and extracurricular involvement. Of the estimated 214 CoMC graduates for the Fall 2023 commencement ceremony, Adam not only possessed each quality all while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade point average, but he also finished in three and a half years.

A beacon of academic excellence and leadership, Adam has not only distinguished himself in the classroom but has also actively contributed to the college's vibrant community— even while being an active member of the Bullet Ad Team for two years. With the CoMC banner held high, he will lead his fellow graduates in the ceremonial procession, symbolizing the collective accomplishments, aspirations, and shared experiences of the graduating class. In his short time in the college, Adam still takes pride of the many ways he was involved.

“I was able to start getting involved on campus during my first semester working for Texas Tech Athletics covering events and creating social media content,” said Adam. Over the years, I even traveled with teams to tournaments and games. I was able to go to Junction doing a field photography course with Dr. Jerod Foster and received a lot of field working experience. My second summer in college is when I received my first of two internships with Southwest Airlines and did some amazing work there. In the best way possible, my experience here has been a whirlwind.” 

Adam Bennet holding a guns up!


Even through his many successes in the College of Media & Communication, Adam still praises those he has crossed paths with for pushing him and presenting him with countless ways to be plugged in to CoMC.

“In terms of the most impactful faculty I've met, it would have to be Dr. Jerod Foster and Dr. Shannon Bichard,” said Adam. “They are both very influential in my two separate degrees. They have each also given me the best opportunities. Along with Dr. Foster being my [professor] for Junction, he invited me to travel with him, a graduate student, and writer for nine days to create a PBS documentary for the Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. Dr. Bichard really took a chance on me as a sophomore by allowing me to come into the Bullet Ad Team— which is very selective— with potential skills I could bring along.”

Those same potential skills were also what opened more doors for Adam— he found himself always so willing to take on new offers in the process.

“The most valuable lesson I've learned is to say yes to as many opportunities as you can that cross your path,” said Adam.

“I've been very lucky and privileged to work a limited amount during fall and spring semesters— I worked more in the summer— and this gave me the ability to say yes to a lot of things. I don't know if this may be a direct Todd Chambers quote to say yes to opportunities, but it was certainly always his attitude. During the course of my journey, I am glad I was able to say yes as much as I have.”

Through everything Adam has accomplished during his time in CoMC, he said his internship opportunities have also helped him grow as a young professional. He is hopeful to return after walking the stage.

“Outside of opportunities that are explicitly offered by Texas Tech and courses, my time as an intern with Southwest Airlines for two years was really transformative,” said Adam. “I spent two summers there doing storytelling for them, creating content, and telling the stories of their employees and customers— promoting the company and culture as a whole. That's where I hope to return after graduation— we'll see if the stars align on that. I truly just loved the time I had with them.”

One of the things Adam takes pride of in the most in the College of Media & Communication is knowing he has found a close knit in his peers and a true home away from home.

Adam Bennet outside CoMC Building

“I love Texas Tech and the College of Media & Communication, and this is my second home,” Adam said. “I enjoy just being in the building. Although I'm not with my family, I'm still with my second family. When my classes let out, I always stay here for an hour or more and run into cool people— whether I know them or not. It's the best place for me to be.”