Texas Tech University

Tindell Takes the Helm for NBA Team in Pivotal Role

Andrea Payne

January 31, 2024

Landis Tindell, M.A.

Meet Texas Tech Alumnus Landis Tindell, the behind-the-scenes dynamo of the Oklahoma City Thunder!

In the fast-paced realm of professional sports management, CoMC alumni are able to navigate the dynamic landscape with a blend of strategic acumen and a deeper appreciation for basketball. As powerhouses behind the scenes, they are consistently positioning teams for success.

With a master's degree in Strategic Communication and Innovation from Texas Tech University's College of Media & Communication, Landis Tindell— an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma native— is suited to bring a rigorous approach to his work with the Oklahoma City Thunder as a manager of corporate communications. Armed with years of experience and a keen understanding of the team, he is able to execute internal and external messaging strategies.

Landis Tindell, M.A.

“I'm responsible for [the team's] media relations which includes overseeing press releases, talking to the media, coordinating their arrivals, and coverage,” said Tindell. “I also oversee our weekly newsletter that goes out to almost 400,000 subscribers.”

Since landing a role in the professional sports industry, Tindell positively reflects on his time in CoMC's graduate program and embraces his reasoning in becoming part of the college. He was provided with the foundation that continues to shape his career aspirations while also recognizing the impact of his education in giving him the tools to navigate the vigorous world of professional sports management.

“There were no other programs in the state of Texas at the time I decided to study for my master's degree that offered a graduate program— online— in Strategic Communication and Innovation or [Public Relations],” said Tindell. “Texas Tech came up in my search and the university offers in-state tuition for those of us here in Oklahoma. With these opportunities, I knew it was a no-brainer for me.”

A true front man for his field of study and professional career, Tindell is able to make the connection between strategic communication and the ever-changing communication industry.

“For a lot of organizations, strategic communication is becoming the norm,” said Tindell. “This all ties in to roles that are related to corporate communications, public relations, social media, and many more. It's important to understand the many different aspects of each title and the world we work in. We will start seeing more and more of that and anything that is focused on strategic communication.”

Landis Tindell, M.A.

With his desire to work as a professional communicator, his educational background is in perfect alignment with his career interests.

Tindell said for students who are considering joining the College of Media & Communication's undergraduate or graduate programs, they will appreciate the skills they will acquire that will be used day by day.

“Everything I learned in my program [at Texas Tech] is applicable to what I currently do in my career,” said Tindell. “The same theories and ideas I studied is what constantly reveal themselves in my field. The more concrete and hard skills are also important. It was a new experience for me completing school online due to location and the pandemic, but you are able to push yourself in a way that is beneficial.”