Texas Tech University

Master of Arts Communication Studies

OUR GENERALIST PROGRAM IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES builds a broad foundation of communication theories, methods, and research exemplars. Coursework includes rhetorical, organizational, interpersonal, and intercultural studies with the central aim of better understanding, explaining, and questioning human communication.

WE ARE RECOGNIZED AMONG THE BEST MASTER'S PROGRAMS in the country, according to a study published in Communication Education.

GRADUATES OF OUR PROGRAM ENTER DIVERSE career paths via health care, business, education, entertainment, ministry, nonprofit, consulting, law, and public service realms. Additionally, a number of students continue into doctoral studies and go on to become university professors.


The graduate program for the master's degree in Communication Studies requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework plus 6 hours of thesis. A non-thesis option requires a minimum of 36 hours of coursework, a written comprehensive exam, and an oral defense.


Grad School Application Process


To do well in the COMS Master's Program, you should have at least 12 hours in Communication Studies or a related field. At least 9 hours must be in non-forensics (speech and debate).

Financial Aid

For more information about financial aid for graduate students, contact the TTU Office of Financial Aid.