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Science Communication

A crucial part of generating scientific knowledge is how that knowledge is communicated to many different groups through multiple platforms and channels. The goal of science communication research is to explore how to improve public understanding of science to make sure knowledge can broadly impact society. CoMC researchers explore a variety of topics in this area, including science literacy, how scientific issues are discussed and presented in the media, and the effects of how scientific knowledge is framed.

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Interpreting Images of Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing is a controversial topic that sparks passionate debate on all sides of the issue. Media coverage of the issue often relies on visual information when discussing the topic, and the types of images shown can greatly impact public opinion on the topic. Research from CoMC professors shows how using different images such as those reflecting economic benefits versus environmental risks can influence attitudes on the issue. Read the full article.

The Impact of Political Views on Attitudes Toward Water

Water scarcity is a concern, not just in west Texas but globally. How we feel about water issues may be based on a lot of things, but research from CoMC professor Dr. Coy Callison shows that political views and personal experience with water scarcity and drought interact to play a crucial role in shaping our views and conservation behavior. Read the full article.

Swaying Attitudes
Toward GMOs

Americans are caring more and more about the food we eat and where it comes from, and that includes whether the food is from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Researchers from the College of Media & Communication have partnered with faculty from the Department of Agricultural Communication and Education at TTU to explore the types of messages used to sway opinion on the issue.  Their research showed that competing sides on the issue work to appeal to the audience's emotions. Read the full article.

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