Texas Tech University

Ten Things To Know About Hospitality Services

Before You Get To Campus!


  1. Dining plans begin the first day of Move-In during the fall semester.
  2. Your dining plan is on your Student ID Card.
  3. Dining plans are accepted at all Hospitality Services' locations.
  4. You have until the 20th day of classes each semester to change your dining plan.
  5. Variety...no matter what you are hungry for, Hospitality Services is serving it on campus.
  6. Dining Bucks carry over from the fall to the spring semester, and in the spring, you can roll Dining Bucks to your next on-campus living contract.
  7. 7. Add-ons to dining plans can be done online at hospitality.ttu.edu. Dining Bucks are non–refundable and non–transferable.
  8. You can add to your dining plan each semester if you run low.
  9. Most retail locations are open for late–night service, some until 2:00 a.m.
  10. Dining Bucks balances can be closely monitored on the Hospitality Services website.


Check us out at hospitality.ttu.edu for more information.