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Grade Changes and Grade Appeals

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Grade Changes and Grade Appeals


Exams and Grades

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March 13, 2013

Grade Changes. No changes are made in grades unless there has been an error in calculating a grade or an answer missed in the grading process. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs must approve all grade changes, and the Registrar notifies students whose grades are changed.

Grade Appeals. Students who have a question concerning a grade received should first talk with their professors concerning their grades. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of these efforts, they should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Following that, students who feel that they have reason to pursue grade appeals should obtain an appeal form from the Registrar or Associate Dean and follow the procedures outlined. A grade can be appealed "only when there is demonstrable evidence that prejudice or arbitrary or capricious action on the part of the instructor has influenced the grade." Texas Tech University Operating Policy and Procedure 34.03. Grade appeals will not be accepted later than the 45th day of the next long semester following the semester in which the contested grade was received. See university OP 34.03 online at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/opmanual/OP34.03.pdf.