Texas Tech University

Student Spotlight: Keely Umstot

Haley Kirychuk

December 19, 2018

Keely Umstot, Junior Vocal Music Education Major, Texas Tech University School of Music, 2018

Get to know Lubbock native Keely Umstot, a junior who is pursuing a vocal music education major here in the School of Music!

Lubbock native Keely Umstot is one-of-a-kind in the School of Music. She is a junior pursuing a Vocal Music Education major and has made her own plan for a minor, calling it "musical theatre education." Keely, the only student currently studying this minor, says it requires an academic collaboration between the worlds (and schools) of theatre and music.

Keely is also the student president of the Women's Chorale. She has sung in the ensemble for three years, holding leadership positions each year. She first served as new member representative, then as student conductor, and now serves as president. Her responsibilities include meeting with Women's Chorale director Dr. Carolyn Cruse, organizing publicity for upcoming events, overseeing community connections, and staying on top of the "behind the scenes" aspects of the choir.

One of Keely's favorite experiences with the choir occurred at one of their concerts last year. They sang a song entitled "Truth," while standing scattered about the stage in Hemmle Recital Hall. As she looked into the audience, Keely sensed a connection and drew inspiration from the camaraderie of the moment. Keely describes the chorale as "a family of women" and the tightest-knit group of which she has ever been a part. About half of the group are music majors, with the other half coming from other schools in Texas Tech University.

The Women's Chorale collaborates with Voice of Hope, a women's shelter with a mission to support assault victims in the Lubbock community. The chorale donates supplies and support, and are planning to present a benefit concert for the organization next semester.