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Welcome to the School of Music here at Texas Tech University's J.T.& Margaret Talkington College of the Visual and Performing Arts.
We are delighted to share with you the talent and dynamic verve that make our School of Music a destination of choice for all music educators.

Where the EXTRAORDINARY ...leaves everyday behind!

Our Mission: To Educate, Inspire, and Mentor Accomplished Music Scholars, Performers and Educators.

The School of Music at Texas Tech University prepares professional musicians, educators, and industry leaders to take control of their futures.

The people, the program, and the power of a top-tier university differentiate our TTU School of Music students. We ensure that TTU faculty, students, and alumni have three keys: they engage successfully as scholars and performers, they continue to expand their career for years to come with bold strategy and experience, and they serve impeccably as leaders who understand the process, the peak performance skills, and people value that makes TTU's School of Music and Lubbock, Texas a destination of choice.

TTU School of Music's calendar of 23 major events and hundreds of smaller, more intimate programs each semester guarantees everyone across the entire university and our regional community first-hand access to the magic and power of musical art and culture.

Lubbock serves as a cultural capital of West Texas. TTU is the largest music presenter and hosts the largest instrument collection in West Texas. Beyond our primary mission to serve and support our music majors, the School of Music also provides featured courses and activities for musical amateurs and other non-music majors locally and globally.

Key features of our graduate programs include competitive TA stipends that, combined with reasonable tuition, mean our students launch careers without incurring massive debt usually associated with top-tier graduate programs. The School of Music is proud of our doctoral programs (including the PhD for Music Education, our DMA performance programs, and the PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts), our masters programs (including the MM programs in Performance, Pedagogy, Composition, Musicology, Music Theory, and Arts Administration), as well as the very strong renewed and expanded performance, composition, and conducting programs for 2019-2020.

More than 620 music majors in the School of Music enjoy a 7:1 ratio of extraordinary emerging professionals (students) to experienced professionals (faculty). This privileged size is ideal in affording a professional, personal, and powerful educational atmosphere rich in pleasure and curiosity.

People are at the heart of our institution. This commitment ensures that each student experiences major ensembles (Band, Choir, Jazz, Orchestra, and Opera), chamber music, stellar academics, as well as individual attention in private lessons. The Vernacular Music program, with tango orchestra, mariachi band, Baltic and Celtic ensembles, Medieval Band, and research forums, differentiates the TTU program by being on offer for both undergraduate and graduate students. Emerging in 2019 are the Bravura Chamber Ensemble, the Baroque Players, and a New Music ensemble.

Grammy Award winners, Karajan, Rhodes, and Fulbright scholars, and distinguished authors are our resident faculty members here in Lubbock. Readily they share their quest for excellence, their accomplishment, and their networks to continue to ensure the exceptionally high job-placement rates for our graduates. All instrumentalists and vocalists thrive in this creative ecosphere whether completed with conducting, composition, music theory, music education, musicology, world musics, and electronic music.

The campus library has extensive music holdings in addition to the School of Music's reference library of books and an extensive library of over 10,000 recordings and close to 3,000 scores. Online tutorials and class materials complement our music theory and academic specialties.

Performance facilities include the 541-seat Hemmle Recital Hall, which houses an 84-rank Holtkamp Organ consisting of 4,469 pipes. Home to the largest instrument collection in West Texas, the School of Music provides Fazioli and Steinway concert grand pianos, a Kingston French double harpsichord, a Martin harpsichord, and are fortunate to have a 36-bell carillon.

Texas Tech music graduates have distinguished themselves both on stage at the Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, and major orchestral positions as well as academically winning Fulbright and other advanced study fellowships, presenting internationally as authors, editors, researchers, and scholars of note holding leading positions on six continents.

Our campuses in Seville, Spain and San Josè, Costa Rica, as well as our many international alliances in Asia and South America, provide all of our students with international pathways and opportunity. We are known for exceptional rates of graduate placements and consistent graduate success as outstanding teachers in public schools, colleges and universities, as well as fame in specialized areas of Mariachi, composition and performance at the Metropolitan Opera, Disneyworld, and other world stages.

The School of Music is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music and offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in music and a new PhD in Music Education.