Texas Tech University

About the School

2022 - 2027 Strategic Plan

The School of Music is one of three vibrant schools within the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts at Texas Tech University. The SoM is dedicated to creating a space for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners to genuinely inspire others through their passions and art. This plan has been developed from the ideas, collaborations, and strategic goals of the collective School of Music and reflects the feedback received in order to position the School of Music as a leading music program across Texas, the United States, and the world.

Mission Statement

Our Texas Tech University School of Music inspires musicians & scholars to collaborate across music education, performance & academics to advance the arts & the lives of students, staff, faculty & the people they serve. 

Vision Statement

To create and nourish an inclusive, innovative & intentional community that engages music across the intersections of research, performance, education & industry. 



The School of Music values its place as a community of educators, performers, scholars, administrators, staff, and students, who, through the pursuit of excellence in all educational, creative, scholarly, administrative, and support endeavors, respect each individual contribution while acknowledging the synergy and interdependency of the whole.


The School of Music values its place as a community that is responsive to student needs and interests including curriculum development, academic rigor, performance and teaching experiences, wellbeing, and preparation for an evolving professional landscape, in ways which honor tradition (within the music profession and the university culture) while pursuing innovation.


The School of Music values its place as a community committed to fairness, integrity, kindness, accountability, transparency, and trust in all communications, engagements, and interactions with others including dedication to the cultivation, practice, and promotion of academic freedom and shared governance.