Texas Tech University

Friends of Music


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From special behind-the-scenes looks at musicians and their talents — to stirring performances by faculty and students — to other “fun” raising opportunities, Friends of Music supporters have a rare inside opportunity to embrace the musical arts.  What does a member's financial support provide?
Goals of Friends of Music

  • music scholarships (our top priority!)
  • faculty support for special projects
  • student support for unique educational events
  • funding support for acquisition of specialized instruments

Recent accomplishments of Friends of Music at Texas Tech University:

  • Increased the FOM endowments and scholarships to over $460,000 to support the education of our aspiring young musicians
  • Helped to create a host of new scholarship endowments for both undergraduate and graduate music majors
  • Hosted the annual member appreciation event
  • Presented musicales in some of the most beautiful homes in Lubbock
  • Promoted and facilitated additional gifts to the School of Music