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audition Information

Anyone wishing to participate in a jazz ensemble or jazz combo must audition. We also ask that anyone who wishes to take applied jazz improvisation lessons who has not done so before also audition.

 Brass will audition with Dr. Whalen, Saxophones will audition with Prof. Jones, and rhythm section will audition with Dr. Haugland, each in their respective offices. Sign up sheets will be on the professors’ office doors.

Prepared Excerpt

Auditions will consist of a prepared excerpt, sight reading, and optional improvisation. Prepared excerpts and practice track for improvisation can in the following:

Alto Sax

Bari Sax

Bass Trombone


Drum Set

Improv Track


Tenor Sax

Tenor Trombone


Feel free to email Prof. Jones, Director of Jazz Studies, with questions.

jazz Faculty

Dr. Ben Haughland

Dr. Ben Haughland
Associate Professor of Jazz Studies

Dr. Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones
Director of Jazz Studies
Associate Professor of Jazz Studies

Fabio Augustinis

Fabio Augustinis
Assistant Professor of Practice in Commercial Music and Jazz Studies

Dr. Kevin Whalen

Dr. Kevin Whalen
Associate Professor of Trumpet & Jazz Studies