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The Texas Tech University School of Music offers a wide variety of ensembles which are open to all Texas Tech University students, regardless of their major. While some ensembles do not require an audition, students are encouraged to audition for the chance to earn a scholarship. Moreover, with the audition, directors will place students in an ensemble based on their current skill level. Students can reaudition every year. The directors not only strive to create harmony and companionship within each ensemble as whole, but they also focus on each individual student. Students are guided on how to improve their musical abilities, along with their confidence, determination, and fortitude as professional musicians and singers.

              Along with facilitating self-improvement, the directors aim at exploring music which represents many cultures, instruments, and histories. Songs from around the world, multiple genres, and in various languages are performed throughout the year at concerts, sports games, and competitions. Within the Division of Musicology, students have the opportunity to sing and play in ensembles focused on a diverse range of styles, including Balkan, Celtic, Early Music, and Mariachi. An incredible musical experience awaits for you at the School of Music!

Kimberly Calvert-Gibson


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Kimberly Calvert-Gibson
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