Texas Tech University

Creative Connections

Lucy Greenberg

March 12, 2024

student plays flute while two students dance

An interdisciplinary collaboration brought concepts like gravitational waves and the Higgs Boson to life in a performance at the Talkington School for Young Women Leaders.

The sound of flutes fluttering through virtuosic runs are accented by the turn of dancers' feet hitting the stage. There is an occasional murmur in the rapt audience. 

Then there is silence. 

A pause between notes and a stillness from movement. 

In an instant, the motion and sound return with a resounding percussive energy. The flutes crescendo, the dancers leap. 

Faculty from Texas Tech University are illustrating what the first detection of gravitational waves (2015) and the discovery of the Higgs Boson (2012) felt like. 

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