Texas Tech University

Matthew Santa

Professor of Music Theory

Email: matthew.santa@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-6089

Office: School of Music, Room 240

Matthew Santa

Matthew Santa is Professor of Music Theory and Chair of the Music Theory and Composition Area at the Texas Tech University School of Music. Dr. Santa has taught music theory at Queens College and Hunter College and holds degrees from Louisiana State University and The City University of New York. He has presented papers on post-tonal analysis, diatonic set theory, parsimonious voice leading, and popular music throughout the United States as well as in Canada and England, participating in the annual meetings of the Society for Music Theory, the College Music Society, the Music Theory Society of New York State, the New England Conference of Music Theorists, Music Theory Midwest, the Texas Society for Music Theory, the South Central Society for Music Theory, and the Goldsmith 20th-Century Music Conference.

Dr. Santa's articles have been published in the journals Music Theory Spectrum, Music Analysis, The Annual Review of Jazz Studies, Theory and Practice, The Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy, Current Musicology, and College Music Symposium. He also has three textbooks published by Routledge. His textbook Hearing Form: Musical Analysis With and Without the Score is now in its second edition and he recently joined Stefan Kostka to coauthor the fifth edition of Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music. His most recent textbook is Hearing Rhythm and Meter: Analyzing Metrical Consonance and Dissonance in Common-Practice Period Music, and it is the first textbook to combine the work of William Rothstein, Harald Krebs, and Danuta Mirka into a unified approach to analysis accessible to both graduate and upper-division undergraduate students. He also collaborated with Dr. Lisa Garner Santa and Dr. Thomas Hughes to write Flute/Theory Workout (24 Keys, 2003), a series of technical exercises for the flute with MIDI accompaniment that facilitates the teaching of music fundamentals at the same time. His works as a composer are published by Conners Publications and recordings of his music performed by Lisa Garner Santa are readily available online (
www.cdbaby.com and www.amazon.com).