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General Music Studies

General Music Studies Minor in TTU Music

The General Music Studies Undergraduate Minor seeks to educate students in a wide array of musical topics and issues.  Students will gain an understanding of music in a global context with historical and contemporary viewpoints.  This classroom-based minor can be completed with no previous musical training.  Completion of this minor will satisfy the Creative Arts core requirement.  

  • Best for those curious about learning more about many different aspects of music
  • No musical background or audition required
  • Students can take a variety of courses including classroom-based and ensemble courses

Facilities & Technology

Hemmle Recital Hall

Known for its rich history, impressive organ, where hundreds of performances take place in this hall each year

Hemmle Hall

Hance Chapel

Hance Chapel is a more intimate setting and the perfect location for smaller recitals

Hance Chapel on TTU campus

AT&T Jones Stadium

Members of the Goin' Band from Raiderland perform in our football stadium and have the opportunity to travel to away games

TTU Goin' Band

What Sets Us Apart

There are many benefits associated with adding a  music minor to your major area of study. Often, students who participated in musical ensembles or took music lessons in high school desire to continue learning about music, but have chosen to major in an area outside of music. Our minors also students to continue studying music and expressing themselves musically while still allowing students plenty of time to pursue their major. Many music minors report that minoring music has been a wonderful creative outlet and counterpoint to their major area of study.  Minoring in music is also a great option for those who are interested in working in the music industry but who may not be musicians themselves.  Here are some other perks of being a music minor: 

• Ability to study music with School of Music Faculty
• Study Abroad programs in Spain and Ireland that can count toward your minor
• Performance Opportunities in world-class facilities such as Buddy Holly Hall
• Coursework towards minor can fulfill multicultural and creative arts core curriculum requirements!
• Online and hybrid course offerings are available to suit your schedule

Study Music

Learn more about music and its role in the world

Take Lessons

Applied minors can take private music lessons with SOM faculty

Express Yourself

Develop your musicianship in a supportive atmosphere

Join an Ensemble

You will have the opportunity to perform in some of our wonderful facilities, including Jones Stadium and Buddy Holly Hall.

Build your Resume

Expand your job opportunities by gaining skills and expertise

Build Relationships

Be a part of a wonderful community of musicians and scholars!



Our minors are open to all undergraduates who are not already majoring in music. The General Music, Applied Music, and Music and Technology minors do not require auditions or a previous background in music. The Applied Minor requires an audition, which can be set up by contacting Dr. Brinker.

Prospective Music minors will need to complete a Music Minor form. Once completed and signed by Dr. Brinker, music minors will send the completed form to their major area advisor.

For assistance in completing this form, please e-mail Dr. Brinker.


The Music minor does not require an audition to enter, but ensembles as part of the minor do. For more details, please contact Dr. Brinker




Some of our most popular courses include Music and Globalization (MUHL 2307) and History of Rock and Roll (MUHL 2310).  In Music and Globalization, you will learn about how music and culture interact in a globalized world while earning your visual and performing arts, creative arts, and multicultural core curriculum credits. In History of Rock 'n Roll, you'll learn about some of the greatest rock musicians and albums of all time. We offer many courses specializing in the rich tradition of Western Classical Music, and also offer courses on Popular Music, Jazz, Latin Music, and more!Online catalog information  


We offer many special topics courses which range from seminars on Frank Zappa to courses on the History of Mariachi or Women and Music. Special topics rotate every semester and students may repeat upper level special topics courses for credit.

As part of the music minors program, student have the opportunity to study abroad while earning credit toward your music minor by enrolling in Music, Culture, and Tradition in Irish Culture (MUHL 4338).  Or, travel to Spain while taking Music and Western Civilization. (MUHL 1308).

In addition to these offerings in Music History and Literature, we offer courses in music theory and composition as well as options for those wishing to participate in ensembles.  


We recognize that it can be difficult to fit courses for minors into students' already busy schedules. We offer a number of flexible choices for many of our required courses, and include online, hybrid, and in-person options. Availability and modalities change each semester. 


Alumni Success & Careers


Adding a music minor can give you a creative outlet, allow you to explore and learn about the world of music, and build your resume. In addition to these reasons, adding a minor expands future career possibilities. Here is a list of career possibilities that earning a music minor can help prepare you for:

  • Musical performer
  • Music Producer
  • Arts Administration
  • Publicist for musical venues
  • Employment in museums or concert facilities
  • Composer/songwriter
  • Music therapist
  • Music educator
  • Entertainment manager
  • Sound Engineer
  • Social Media or PR manager for musicians
  • And more!

Letter from the Coordinator


We are excited that you are interested in the music minor program! As the music minor coordinator, it is my honor to personally welcome you to the music minor program here at Texas Tech University. I am thrilled you have chosen to explore the world of music as part of your undergraduate studies. 

Part of my job as music minor coordinator is to help guide you through the program, keep track of your progress, and answer any questions you may have regarding the minor. I am also here to help navigate your undergraduate experience, so please don't hesitate to e-mail me to ask a question or schedule a meeting. You can contact me at s.brinker@ttu.edu.

Wreck 'Em!

Dr. Sarai Brinker 

Sarai Brinker


Contact the Coordinator

Dr. Sarai Brinker
Music Minor Coordinator