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Program in Inquiry and Investigation: Pi2

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The undergraduate research experience as a scholar in the Program in Inquiry and Investigation Pi2, represents a method through which students can initiate a partnership with Texas Tech University and work towards breakthroughs and improved understanding in science, engineering and the human condition. We urge you to consider this option and enrich your education.


Students will be introduced to the basics and expectations of doing inquiry and investigative work at the college level. You'll belong to one of five cohorts based on your application and selection by the cohort mentors. 

Scholars have the opportunity to move into faculty research laboratories following the completion of HONS 2101 and may continue through the senior year.

Course Outline

This course offers you an introductory and integrated exposure to inquiry and investigation in different disciplines. The course will provide you with a scaffold of information and activities that will enable you to make an initial foray into research, broadly. You'll have exposure to different faculty research areas available at TTU and the TTUHSC. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty as well as discuss and investigate their research.

What are Some of the Benefits of Being a Pi2 Scholar?

Topics that will be covered through readings, seminars, practicums, discussions and debate will include: the philosophy of research, responsible conduct of research, research ethics, compliance, safety, and the use of animals and human subjects in research. Experts at the university in these areas will provide presentations and discuss these topics with you. You'll also have an opportunity to read the published literature (refereed and non-refereed), in different fields and disciplines relevant to the cohorts, and discuss these with your peers and mentor. Lastly, you'll attend a formal lab section to learn the basic technical tools required to do research.

  • You will work with a faculty mentor as part of your cohort.
  • You get to learn and understand the process of investigation and inquiry.
  • You will begin to understand what research compliance, ethics and safety entail.
  • You will be part of a growing community of scholars worldwide.
  • You will begin to communicate in the "language of research".
  • You will be part of the global enterprise of discovery.
  • You will be part of the process of uncovering information and generating new products and information.
  • You will be able to discuss your research and perhaps even publish the work with your mentor.
  • You will make a contribution to the future.
  • Pi² scholars get paid hourly for a maximum of 10 hrs/week from the second year forward or may receive academic credit.

Learning Outcomes

Successful participation and completion of this course will allow you to move relatively "seamlessly" into research/scholarly environments of faculty in virtually all cohort-relevant disciplines across the TTU and TTUHSC campuses. As relevant, you'll also be aware of and receive appropriate certifications in safety, use of animals, responsible conduct of research, ethics in research etc.

Can I Get Involved to Become a Pi2Scholar?

Can I Get Involved to Become a Faculty Mentor?

Learn more about Faculty Mentors and register your interest to meet with Pi² scholars.


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