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Personal Branding

Protect your personal brand by using social media sites professionally.

Social Media Etiquette

Assume it will be seen

Even if you are scrupulous about your privacy settings, once something is on the web you must assume it is out there for everyone to see forever.

Choose a professional handle

Never, ever, apply to a job or respond to an email from an employer from an account with an inappropriate username. Best case scenario: the office snickers behind your back. Worst case scenario: you have no job offer or lose the job you've worked hard to earn.

Would your grandma approve?

The basic rule of thumb for social media posting: If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it, don't post it.


Photo-sharing apps can be deadly, because they are fast and mindless and show up quickly in searches. Always keep the pictures you post on APPs like Instagram "job-friendly."

Guilty by association

It's not just pictures of you that are being evaluated. If you post pictures of your inebriated best friend, viewers can and will assume you are guilty by association.

Online Reputation Management


A place to connect with friends.

  • A professional-looking photo is best.
  • Control who sees your posts. Don't leave your profile open to the public.
  • Keep your personal information private.


A place for real-time news & events

  • A professional-looking photo is best.
  • A public profile is fine as long as your activity is appropriate.
  • Your tweets can show up in search engine results, so think before you tweet!

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Google your name

  • Google search results are often your first and second impression to potential employers.
  • Control what you publish to ensure they see the best picture of you as a potential employee.


The professional networking site

  • A professional-looking photo of only you is essential.
  • Establish a professional presence by sharing relevant information, joining groups, and interacting.
  • Make sure all components of your profile are complete.

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