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Area of Energy, Economics and Law

The Area of Energy Commerce and Business Economics offers two academic credentials: the Energy Commerce degree and the Certificate in Energy. Additionally, the Area supports the college's core curriculum by providing the Applied Business Economics courses.

Energy Commerce is a broad based business degree that prepares students for careers directly and indirectly related to the energy industry.

Students study the current world energy mix, laws and regulations pertaining to the energy industry, the geopolitics of energy as well as the legal and economic business frameworks necessary for effective decision making. Students learn and practice this knowledge through a series of hands-on experiential opportunities, case studies and simulation projects.

Our energy education mirrors the world use of energy. For now, that means a focus on fossil fuels. Though as the world's energy mix changes over time, so will our curriculum. No matter what the energy source, we have always focused on teaching the primary skills necessary to a successful business career: issue analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.

Within the energy industry we cover upstream (exploration and production), midstream (transportation and refining) and downstream (wholesale and retail distribution). We also cover regulatory oversight, energy lending and investing, commodity trading and industry analysis. While the majority of our graduates focus on energy production and distribution, increasingly energy consumers such as manufacturers and even large retail chains are creating energy positions to focus on controlling consumption and cost of energy.

Our award-winning faculty and staff members engage and teach students on a personal level to allow for a full understanding and grasp of the various topics. In addition to extensive academic research and publication, our faculty bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom.



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