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Events@Rawls Submission Guidelines

The events calendar is available at events.ba.ttu.edu

The Rawls College of Business Event Calendar (Events@Rawls) is the official Rawls College event calendar and provides a consolidated listing of official events happening at the college. By promoting lectures, cultural events, student organization events and other activities, the calendar encourages communication within both the Rawls College and Texas Tech University and fosters community participation at public events. Events@Rawls also provides more comprehensive information about the Rawls College to the external world in support of academic, research and other strategic objectives.

Events@Rawls Submission Tutorial

Submit an Event

Definition of an "Event"

Events include academic deadlines, lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, as well as cultural, sporting and social functions. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by a Rawls College entity (e.g., department, institute, center, registered student organization, etc.).

These events may be open to the general public, the Texas Tech community or a segment of the Texas Tech community. All submissions must adhere to TTU Operating Policies and Procedures, including TTU IT Security Policies, specifically the University Acceptable Use Guidelines.

Posting an Event - Guidelines

  • You must have a ttu.edu email address, and you will be required to supply your eRaider username and password.  If you need technical assistance, please contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP (4357).
  • All announcements must be submitted by a Texas Tech University employee or student representing a formal university organization; such as a division, department, school, or registered student organization, that must be identified in the event. Request authorization to post on behalf of an organization.
  • Events must be entered into the calendar at least one week prior to the actual event date, unless an exception is granted based on unusual circumstances. Likewise, events cannot be entered more than one year prior to the event date. Exception requests can be sent to marketrawls@ttu.edu.
  • Specify who can attend the event if it is not open to the public or to the entire Texas Tech community. Include the location of where the event will take place. Be sure to proofread your submissions for any errors.


  • Before submitting an event, make sure it has not already been posted. The easiest way to do this is to check the date of your event. Note that the calendar is automatically populated with certain events, deadlines and other entries.
  • Remember, your event will "share the stage" with other events in the calendar. Use language that will explain your event to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it. Include as many details as possible: contact information, resource links, restrictions, cost, location, time, etc.
  • Make your titles descriptive. For example, rather than "Lecture," use "Music Lecture Series: Dialogues and Adventures; James Decker, Trombone.
  • "Elaborate on the event in the description field, but try not to repeat the same information from the title.
  • Be specific when entering the timeframe of your event. The system can incorporate multi-day events as well as recurring events.
  • You can add an image URL to illustrate your event. For best viewing results make your image no larger than 480 x 320 pixels. If you don't have the ability to upload your own images, please submit online with our web request form. Use the feature image template below to ensure your image is sized correctly.

    event image example

Featured Events

The Rawls College of Business personnel will select events to appear in the featured area of the calendar that appeal to wide audiences and promote the college's academic, research and other strategic initiatives. To have your event considered, please note your request in the additional information box when you enter the event information. You must provide an image to be considered.

Feature Template

Please provide an image that is 480 x 320 pixels. Use the featured event image template to ensure your event text is visible across devices.

Download Template
Feature image template

Image Submission

Use our project request form to send an image for consideration. Be sure to include the Event Name and Date with your request.

Submit an Image


Pending Events

Submitted events are queued for review by a calendar administrator. You may edit or delete your events until they have been accepted. Once your event is published, you will no longer see it in your list.

Cancellation Policy

If an event is rescheduled or canceled, contact us as soon as possible.  We also recommend that you alert the Texas Tech Community by posting a message on TechAnnounce.