Texas Tech University

Alanna Hirshman

Alanna Hirshman

Assistant Professor


Room Number: E345


Research Expertise

  • Behavioral Strategy
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Ethical Decision-Making


  • PhD, Strategic Management, West Virginia University
  • BS, Economics with a Concentration in Business Administration, Frostburg State University
  • BS, Management with a Concentration in Human Resource Management, Frostburg State University


Alanna Hirshman, PhD is an assistant professor of strategic management at Texas Tech University. Her research primarily focuses on perceptions of firms' (un)ethical behaviors and how firms manage these perceptions by interacting with various stakeholders. Her specific research interests include organizational crisis management, social evaluations (e.g., social approval, reputation, organizational stigma and firm celebrity), corporate social responsibility and the role of media (e.g., press releases, social media and traditional news publications). Her research is primarily anchored in sensemaking and sensegiving literature, signaling theory and stakeholder theory.

In addition, Alanna's teaching interests include strategic management, business ethics, international business, organizational theory and entrepreneurship.