Texas Tech University

Accepting Scholarships

Students selected to receive a scholarship will receive an award letter from the Rawls College and must:

  • sign the original award letter to indicate their acceptance and understanding of the terms of the scholarship;
  • write a thank you letter that follows the guidelines to the scholarship donor (information and instructions are included in the award letter); and
  • submit both the signed award letter and thank you letter to Dennis Arnett, Dean's Office, by the deadline indicated in the award letter. Failure to turn in both items before the deadline will result in revocation of the scholarship.


  • Rawls College of Business scholarships cannot be accepted online. 
  • All award recipients are required to write a thank you letter to the scholarship donor. No exceptions. Letters will be reviewed for accuracy and professionalism by the Rawls College Scholarship Office before awards are posted to the student's account. Any letter that does not meet the "thank you letter" guidelines will be returned to the student for correction.
  • Students can view their account online or can talk to an advisor in the Financial Aid Office to verify that the scholarship has been applied to their account.