Texas Tech University

Art Camp for High Schoolers at School of Art

Nathan Carroll

June 30, 2023

TTU School of Art 2023 Pre-College Immersion students

Texas high school students become Red Raiders for a week during the School of Art Pre-College Immersion Program

The J.T. & Margaret Talkington School of Art is thrilled to reflect on the immense success of our 2023 Pre-College Art Immersion Program that took place June 2023. This year, we witnessed unprecedented creativity, talent, and passion from the 40 students who enrolled, making it one of our most successful programs.

Highlights of the 2023 program included our immersive art workshops. These workshops covered various artistic disciplines, from 3D animation to jewelry making, printmaking, and 3D paper. Students had the opportunity to learn these new artistic disciplines, gaining invaluable insights and hands-on experience by creating their work.

One of the program's most memorable moments was our end-of-program reception and exhibition. This event showcased the extraordinary artwork made by our students during the program. The exhibition was a testament to our student's hard work, dedication, and creativity, and it was a joy to see their artistry celebrated by their friends and family.

The School of Art Pre-College Art Immersion Program offers high school students an immersive college experience in the fine arts. During this week-long program, students experience first-hand what it means to be a Red Raider studying the Fine Arts. During this weeklong program, students live in the dorms, participate in extracurricular art activities, and take various Fine Art workshops, all in an atmosphere of university instruction. Our workshops offer students opportunities to learn new artmaking techniques through multiple mediums taught by distinguished TTU instructors. Further, students become connected to current professional insights regarding the vibrant opportunities available to future professionals working in the Fine Arts. 

We are excited to announce that the Pre-College Art Immersion Program will continue for the summer of 2024. Please stay tuned for more information on our website and social media channels. You may also email us for more information.