Texas Tech University

Iraqi American Brings Color and Curiosity to Architecture and Art

Lucy Greenberg

March 6, 2024

Lahib Jaddo Brings Color and Curiosity to Architecture and Art at Texas Tech

Lahib Jaddo explores her world through breathtaking paintings and ecological design at Texas Tech.

Lahib Jaddo's house is simple from the outside.

The gray river stones accent the white siding and almost would be missed if not for three things: the apricot tree in the yard, the firepit set up for company, and a bright pink door.

Each whisper of the woman living inside.

When you step through the front door, the whisper turns to a vociferous song. The gray and white of the exterior are washed away by bursts of currant, emerald and sapphire reaching off canvases and up from rugs. The smell of jasmine, tobacco and honey linger.

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