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Master of Fine Arts in Photography

Students pursuing the MFA in art with a concentration in Photography are encouraged to investigate a range of classes and media which will inform their photography and encourage innovation and experimentation. In the past, students have pursued photography's relationship with painting, video, sculpture and printmaking. When available, students are given the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in photography and in digital imaging as well as in the Landmark Arts Office and as graduate coordinator of the SRO Photo Gallery, scheduling and contracting artists from around the US for exhibition at Texas Tech. In their final semesters, grad students are expected to focus on a body of work which will develop into their graduate exhibition and will be researched for their paper and presentation.

Facilities & Technology

Graduate photography students are given studios and darkrooms which are sometimes shared. 


Graduate Students

Video Interview with MFA Candidate Aziza Abdieva

Aziza Abdieva, MFA candidate in Photography, describes the process she uses when creating and photographing a still life. She incorporates not only photography, but also sculpture, sound, videography, and found objects such as estate sale jewelry in her work. Aziza states, "The body feels the most familiar and closest to me. I take the internal feelings of being human and try to explore them using exterior forms, represented by the human body." 






Alumni Success


  • Brook Tuma (2023) is currently an intern at Anderson Ranch Artist Residency in Colorado.
  • Aziza Abdieva(2022) is an independent artist and advertising producer in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Ian Breidenbach (2022) is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at The Ohio State University at Lima and curator of The Neon Heater Gallery.
  • Amy Kim (2018) is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Hope College, Holland, Michigan.
  • Lauren Lopez(2017) is a professional photographer working in Dallas, Texas.

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Robin Germany

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