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minor in Art History

Declaration of this minor must be approved by the School of Art academic advisor prior to completion of minor coursework. Students working toward this minor must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours, including 9 hours of junior- and senior-level courses. Hours applied to the minor area of study may not include courses used to fulfill requirements in the student's major. These courses, however, may make the student eligible immediately for upper-division courses throughout the 18 hours of the minor. Neither art education nor graphic design offers a minor.

Students working toward an art history minor must complete a minimum of 18 hours and include ARTH 1301, ARTH 2302, and ARTH 3303. The remaining 9 hours must be taken in residence and must be chosen from a menu of courses offered at the 3000 and 4000 level. These courses are ARTH 3320, ARTH 3333, ARTH 3345, ARTH 3350, ARTH 3364, ARTH 3366, ARTH 4307, ARTH 4308, ARTH 4335, ARTH 4340, and ARTH 4389.



Pegah Abedi, M.A.


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Pegah Abedi, M.A.
Senior Academic Advisor (Undergraduate)