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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Art with a concentration in Studio Art and an emphasis in Ceramics offers a rigorous, hands-on investigation of clay as a multifaceted medium with great expressive possibilities. Students explore the rich multicultural history of ceramic objects, focusing on developing their personal artistic expression. Developing a solid foundation of technical skills, including traditional and experimental techniques, allows students to realize the full range of contemporary practices and ideas.  
The program of study is structured to give a solid technical foundation in ceramics. It yet allows sufficient flexibility for students to explore personal directions in their work throughout their studies at Texas Tech University. As students progress through the program, just as they refine their technical skills, they will also be actively bolstering their conceptual approaches to the 'why' they are creating the artwork they accomplish.  

What sets us apart

The ceramics program is an engaged community of undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty who promote excellence in the field. The program offers understanding, aesthetics, technical approaches, and investigation through hands-on experiences with raw materials and technical processes.

Throughout the course of study, students learn the role of ceramics within the history of art, design and culture while pushing the boundaries of the medium. Yet the ceramics program promotes an open and experimental environment in the studio that supports the freedom to be creative, yet also insists that students have the self-discipline to meet the requirements of the courses. Not settling on the first outcome, pushing the limits of the material, and full use of the facilities and equipment allow our students to find their artistic voices.


Facilities & Technology

The School of Art 3D Annex houses one of the premier ceramic facilities in the Southwest United States with traditional and contemporary equipment as well as new technology.  The 3D Annex provides a spacious, level-one research studio that has been developed with an emphasis on the health and safety of its students and faculty.  All studio areas within the annex feature state-of-the-art ventilation systems and a user-friendly architectural plan.  All students in the studio courses have twenty-four-hour studio access with freedom to work in a secure and open environment. 


6 – Individual Ceramic MFA Graduate Studios

2 -  large classroom spaces, and a technology room for ceramics

Dedicated Glaze room

Dedicated Clay Mixing room

3 - Wood Kilns

1 - 50 cu. ft. Cross-Draft Soda Kiln

1 - 50 cu. ft. Salt Kiln

1 - 50 cu. ft. Saggar Kiln

2 - Raku Kilns

3 - 30 cu. ft. Gas Kilns

12 - Electric Kilns of various sizes

3 - Geil Down Draft Kilns

1 - 54 cu.ft. Geil Shuttle Kiln

8 - Electric Test Kilns

1 - 12 cu. ft. Gas Test Kiln

2 - 27-Ton Log Splitter

2 - Blue Bird Mixers

2 - Soldner Mixers

2 - Peter Puggers

1 - Bailey De-Airing Mixer/Pugmill

3 – PotterBot Clay Printers (one, Potterbot 9XL Pro Printer; two, Scara Printers)

Enduring Images Decal Printer

Digital Scales

Glaze Spray Booth

36” North Star Slab Roller

25 Electric Potters wheels

2 - Lockerbie Potters Wheels

2 - Extruders

Sand Blasting Cabinet


Multiple pieces of Photography and Video Projection Equipment

Computer and Laser Printer for Ceramic Student Research


Clay Mixing & Glaze Room

Both rooms have a state of the art ventilation system.




While enrolling in Art Foundations, students will apply for a field of specialization in ceramics, jewelry design, metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, printmaking, Sculpture, or transmedia. Applications consist of a portfolio of work completed in the Art Foundations courses. Fields of specialization will conduct periodic reviews to evaluate student progress.




The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art will provide School of Art students with a professional degree in Art, offering comprehensive study in a 123-hour program with concentrations in Art Education, Graphic Design, or Studio Art. Studio Art emphases include Ceramics, Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing, Painting, Photo, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Transmedia. These degrees can be completed in four years and will provide students an opportunity to have an intensive and in-depth experience through visual concepts and practice.



BACHELOR of Fine Arts in ceramics emphasis faculty

Juan Granados

Juan Granados

Von Venhuizen

Von Venhuizen
Associate Professor


Amy Nguyen


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Amy Nguyen
Temporary Undergraduate Academic Advisor