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Our facilities are made up of several small computer labs and other specialized systems, in which our students are instructed using the latest hardware and software. The smaller lab format allows for greater teacher-student interaction; this helps our students to master the skills and techniques they need to be competitive in the job market. To keep up with the rapid advances in technology, the College of Media and Communication's laboratory hardware and software are updated on a yearly basis. This ensures that our graduating students are proficient with the latest industry standards as they head into the workplace.

Center for Communication Research

The Center for Communication Research houses state-of-the-art technology for studying all facets of audience response to media messages—video, audio, online, commercial, informational and more. The CCR contains more than 6,000 square feet of research labs and provides research services to those both within and beyond the Texas Tech community. Comprehensive research solutions are achieved through industry-standard software, cutting edge technology and diverse facilities, including dial-testing, eye-tracking and biometric measurement of audience response. In addition to supporting research within the College of Media & Communication and Texas Tech University, the CCR also works with partners outside the academic community.

Communication Training Center

Established as part of Texas Tech University's Quality Enhancement Plan, "Bear Our Banners Far and Wide: Communication in a Global Society," the Communication Training Center provides training to university instructors, faculty and graduate students to enhance oral and visual communication skills across campus. Additionally, the CTC offers signature workshops that provide training as well as offer information about best practices and approaches to utilize emerging media, implement online teaching strategies, enact teacher immediacy behaviors, produce powerful slide design layouts, construct cinematic slide decks for presentations, and create compelling visual representations of data.

The Harris Institute

The Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic & International Communication (HIHIC) promotes a better understanding of Hispanic-related and international media communication through research, teaching and community outreach. The Institute supports on-campus initiatives as well as external activities and collaborations related to its mission to create knowledge and encourage greater intercultural awareness through informed interaction among students, teachers, researchers, media industry representatives and community organizations.

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