Texas Tech University

The Hub@TTU wins Society of Professional Journalists award

Sarah Karda

June 8, 2021

Lucinda Holt, The Hub@TTU faculty advisor

The Hub@TTU is a student-run online media outlet devoted to providing College of Media & Communication (CoMC) students with a place to showcase their coursework, news and creativity.

The Hub recently received the award Best Independent Online Student Publication from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) as part of the organization's Mark of Excellence honors. The Hub submitted 13 articles to SPJ for review. One article, by CoMC graduate Cross Warnock, was a finalist.

The staff of The Hub was very small this academic year, faculty advisor Lucinda Holt says. Holt, an instructor for the Department of Journalism & Creative Media Industries (JCMI), says COVID-19 brought challenges to the student publication.

“This has been a tough semester,” Holt says. “We were on hiatus for a little bit and there's been COVID. It's really hard trying to maintain a steady staff because everybody is struggling with online classes, and everybody's dealing kind of with their own things right now.”

Even with COVID-19 limiting full-time staff to only one person, The Hub came out on top. The outlet recognizes that students in CoMC are producing valuable and compelling content within their courses, so The Hub serves as a forum for them to publish their work, Holt says.

“It looks really impressive to be right out of college with this particular award under your belt,” Holt says. “I mean, the Society of Professional Journalists is a big deal. I really encourage students to get involved. I encourage professors to promote their students' work through The Hub because this is what we're here for. To get them and get their work recognized.”

Submitting work to The Hub gives students the opportunity for recognition and adds to their résumés. The Hub is the only outlet at CoMC that accepts and publishes student coursework.

“If there's any students out there or instructors who are going to read this, these national awards are nothing to sneeze at,” Holt says. “Take this very seriously, and don't be afraid to submit your work to us.”