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Stephanie West Wins Distinguished Staff Award

Andrea Payne

September 30, 2022

Stephanie West Wins Distinguished Staff Award

Along with students who have an influence on the College of Media & Communication, faculty and staff members are also true leaders who leave a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve. Passion for others, determination, and fearlessness are just some of the traits that make CoMC staff top of the line.

Business Manager Stephanie West, Lubbock native and Texas Tech staff senator was recently presented with the Distinguished Staff Award. The award showcases the commitment West has not only to CoMC, but also the surrounding community.

West embodies the integrity and perseverance required of a staff senator, a role earned through peer nominations for her outstanding reputation across campus. Like many staff members throughout CoMC, West began her journey at Texas Tech without knowing her home would become the College of Media & Communication. 

"I'm a Lubbockite, born and raised," said West. "I've been at Texas Tech for 12 years and I started off in a lower administrative position. I got my degree and moved up from there."

Through the love of her hometown and alma mater, West has found a calling for service which continually brings her joy and advancement. 

“This year has been the biggest growth year for me as far as with the Texas Tech community and involvement,” said West. “It makes me feel like I have more value for the campus. I've always been very involved in a lot of different organizations, as far as parent organizations, because I have children. Now I get to focus on myself a little more. I'm almost overwhelmed with my growth and how much I'm able to put into myself and the college.”

Even through adversity and daily challenges, West still maintained the overall goal to assist with student success for CoMC while also representing staff members on campus. Despite the many changes she has seen each semester, the love for her line of work has been constant.

“Stephanie West represents the best of what Texas Tech and the College of Media & Communication are about— leading by doing,” said Todd Chambers, Ph.D., associate professor and associate dean for undergraduate affairs. “Stephanie has an amazing personality and has always been willing to go the extra mile without seeking the spotlight or the credit. I'm glad she's part of our family here in the College of Media & Communication!”

West says she did not feel deserving enough of the award, as the work she does is a continued promise to both herself and the university to protect and serve the community to which she is committed.

“Whenever I did get notification of the award, and appreciation, it's just a part of what you do and what you love,” said West. “You don't feel like it always gets noticed, [until you] have it noticed. I'm just beyond grateful and thankful that these people that I serve— the faculty, the staff, the college, my peers, my colleagues— also supported me in that growth. That helped me become successful in my career.” 


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