Texas Tech University

TTU Policy Debate Team

Texas Tech University is home to one of the most successful debate programs in the country. TTU Forensics is one of the oldest programs on campus, and has established a legacy of excellence that mirrors the lofty goals and expectations the University has set for itself. The debate program has produced national championship teams in NPDA (2008 and 2010) and top speakers at national championships (NPDA 2018 and 2019, NPTE 2010 and 2019). In the 2021 season we will continue this legacy of competitive success in a new format.

The debate program is focused on policy debate competes in the National Debate Tournament and Cross Examination Debate Association tournaments. This is the oldest continuously operated nationally organized debate format. Our students engage in evidenced based argumentation around a topic that is debated for the duration of the academic year. In this format our students develop sophisticated argumentation skills, research skills typically reserved for post-graduate students, develop rigorous understandings of how government policy is made, and how to weigh the costs and benefits of policy choices.

Our vision for the team is to produce scholarly advocates who ground their arguments in the best available evidence and research available on real world issues. Because our students have an extended engagement with a topic and argue both sides of it, they develop sophisticated and nuanced worldviews. We also emphasize providing opportunities for out students to interact with experts in the topic areas we debate by taking advantage of the wealth of expertise available across the Texas Tech campus.

We invite you and your students to learn more about the Texas Tech University debate program. There are many opportunities in our program available to students who wish to pursue excellence.


Texas Tech University Debate Team