Texas Tech University

TTU Parliamentary Debate Team

Texas Tech University is home to one of the most successful debate programs in the country. TTU Forensics is one of the oldest programs on campus, and has established a legacy of excellence that mirrors the lofty goals and expectations the University has set for itself. The debate program has produced three national championships in the past decade: Two NPDA National Championships (2008 and 2010) and an NPTE top-speaker (2010). The program has placed numerous teams in top 5 finishes at nationals and is generally regarded as a year-in, year-out powerhouse.

The debate program is focused on parliamentary debate. The unique aspects of parliamentary debate demonstrate the values of TTU as an institution. In our format, debaters are expected to have a well-rounded skill set that appeals to both argument-centric and audience-centric forms of argumentation. The topic changes every round and covers diverse issues. Success in parli requires students to have a deep understanding of politics, current events, modern philosophy, and other elements endemic to a liberal arts education.

A unique aspect of the program vision at TTU is the utilization of university resources to achieve our competitive goals. We ask students to ground the ideas and arguments they encounter throughout their educational experience in debate rounds. This allows debate to serve as a laboratory for testing real ideas about the world. We hope to produce well-rounded individuals who possess a deep understanding of the world and unwavering commitment to improving it for the better.

We invite you and your students to learn more about the Texas Tech University debate program. There are many opportunities in our program available to students who wish to pursue excellence.


Texas Tech University Debate Team