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Sponsored research in the College of Media & Communication is at an all-time high.  CoMC faculty have obtained more than $2.8 million in active funding from a variety of sponsors, including the National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Department of Agriculture, and more.

College faculty are using their expert knowledge of communication to explore important topics, including effective science communication, human-machine communication, health care, predatory publishing, cyberinfrastructure and more. 

Dr. Rauf Arif (Co-Investigator),
“The Origins of Magnetite-Pipes in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa and Their Strategic-Mineral Resources”

Sponsor: NSF

Other Collaborators: Dr. Callum Heatherington, PI (TTU Dept. of Geosciences)


Dr. Kelli Cargile-Cook (Co-Principal Investigator): “Research Initiation: Mapping Identity Development in Doctoral Engineering Students”

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Collaborators: Jennifer Cross (Principal Investigator, TTU); Mario Beruvides (Co-Principal Investigator, TTU)


Dr. Ioana Coman: “From greenwashing to saving the planet: An exploration of how mainstream, Hispanic and Black media and their public spheres portray and judge organizations'' environmental sustainability (in)actions”

Sponsor: Penn State University

Collaborators: None


Dr. Jerod Foster: “Meet the Farmer Photo Series”

Sponsor: Texas Department of Agriculture

Collaborators: None


Drs Melissa Gotlieb and Bryan McLaughlin: “Identifying the Risk Factors for News Addiction”

Sponsor: Broadcast Education Association

Collaborators: None


Lucinda Holt (Principal Investigator), Dr. Kent Wilkinson (Co-Principal Investigator): “Combatting COVID-19 Misinformation and Disinformation in Hispanic Communities on the South Plains”

Sponsor: Knight Foundation

Collaborators: Dr. Ryan Litsey, TTU Libraries (Co-Principal Investigator)


Dr. Kerk Kee: “Leveraging Advanced Cyber Infrastructure and Developing Organizational Resilience for NSF Large Facilities in the Pandemic Era”

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Collaborators: Dr. Ewa Deelman, University of Southern California


Dr. Kerk Kee: “CI CoE: An NSF Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence for Navigating the Major Facilities Data Lifecycle”

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Collaborators: Dr. Ewa Deelman, University of Southern California


Dr. Kerk Kee: “EAGER: An Actor-Network Investigation of the XSEDE Project”

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Collaborators: Dr. Richard Joel Knepper, Cornell University


Dr. Kerk Kee (Co-PI),
“Conversational Agents for Supporting Sustainable Implementation and Systemic Diffusion of Cyberinfrastructure and Science Gateways”

Sponsor: NSF


Dr. Amy Koerber (Principal Investigator), Dr. Glenn Cummins (Co-PI), Dr. Lyombe[CG1]  Eko (Co-PI), Dr. Kerk Kee (Co-PI), and Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer (Co-PI; Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences)[CG2] , “STEM Training in Ethics of Publication Practices (STEPP)

Sponsor: NSF


Dr. Eric Rasmussen: “Youth Mental Health Promotion”

Sponsor: The Samuel L. Asbury Foundation

Collaborators: Dr. Jaclyn Cravens (TTU Community, Family, and Addiction Services), Dr. Thomas Kimball (TTU Community, Family, and Addiction Services), Dr. Sarah Wakefield (TTU Psychiatry), and Jonathan Seaborn (Assistant Managing Director, KTTZ)


Dr. Shan Xu: “Promote Social Capital for Ethnic Minority Employees: Examining Individual, Organizational and Technological Factors in the Dynamic Model of Social Identity and Networks”

Sponsor: Villanova University

Collaborators: Dr. Wenbo Li (SUNY @ Stony Brook University)+


Lab Groups

  • Innovation Diffusion Lab
    • This project is tied to an NSF CAREER grant awarded to Kerk Kee, Ph.D. studying the impact of organizational capacity on the diffusion of cyberinfrastructure.


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