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Sponsored research in the College of Media & Communication is at an all-time high.  CoMC faculty have obtained more than $2.8 million in active funding from a variety of sponsors, including the National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Department of Agriculture, and more.

College faculty are using their expert knowledge of communication to explore important topics, including effective science communication, human-machine communication, health care, predatory publishing, cyberinfrastructure and more. 

Dr. Rauf Arif (Co-Investigator),
“The Origins of Magnetite-Pipes in the Bushveld Complex, South Africa and Their Strategic-Mineral Resources”

Sponsor: NSF

Other Collaborators: Dr. Callum Heatherington, PI (TTU Dept. of Geosciences)


Dr. Jaime Banks,
“Moral Agency in Robot-human InterActions (MARIA)”

Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research


Dr. Ioana Coman (PI),
“Organizational Social Listening & Corporate Climate Advocacy: What Happens When Organizations Don't Listen?”

Sponsor: The Arthur W. Page Center at Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Glenn Cummins (PI), Dr. Melissa Gotlieb (Co-PI), & Dr. Bryan McLaughlin (Co-PI),
“Annual AEJMC Surveys”

Sponsor: AEJMC


Dr. Glenn Cummins (Co-Investigator) & Lisa Low (Co-Investigator),
"The Consumer Experience: Using Innovative Research Tools to Develop and Test Messages about Food and Agricultural Sciences"

Source: USDA

Collaborators: Dr. Courtney Meyers (PI), Dr. Erika Irlbeck (Co-Investigator), Dr. Courtney Gibson (Co-Investigator), Dr. Matt Baker (Texas A&M University)


Sherice Gearhart (PI) & Ioana Coman (Co-Investigator), Alexander Moe (Co-Investigator, SUNY Brockport) "Is Facebook News Biased Against my Opinion?: Testing the Influence of comments on the Hostile Media Effect & a Solution to the Problem."

Sponsor: Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society (WFI) - Villanova University (2020).
Other collaborators: Sydney Brammer 


Dr. Kerk Kee (PI),
“Organizational Capacity and Capacity Building for Cyberinfrastructure Diffusion”

Sponsor: NSF


Dr. Kerk Kee (Co-PI),
“Conversational Agents for Supporting Sustainable Implementation and Systemic Diffusion of Cyberinfrastructure and Science Gateways”

Sponsor: NSF


Dr. Justin Keene (Co-PI),
“NEA Research Lab on The Arts, Health, and Social/Emotional Well-Being”

Sponsor: National Endowment for the Arts

Collaborators: Dr. Stacy Elko (TTU School of Art); Dr. Melinda Corwin (TTU Health Sciences Center); Dr. John Velez (Ohio State University)


Dr. Amy Koerber (Principal Investigator), Dr. Glenn Cummins (Co-PI), Dr. Lyombe[CG1]  Eko (Co-PI), Dr. Kerk Kee (Co-PI), and Dr. Karin Ardon-Dryer (Co-PI; Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences)[CG2] , “STEM Training in Ethics of Publication Practices (STEPP)

Sponsor: NSF

Dr. Asheley Landrum (Co-PI),
“Cracking the Code: Millennial Science Engagement”

Sponsor: NSF

Other Collaborators: Sue Ellen McCann, Principal Investigator (KQED-TV), Sevda Eris, Co-PI (KQED-TV)



Dr. Asheley Landrum (Co-PI), “Influencing Young Adults' Science Engagement and Learning with COVID-19 Media Coverage”

Sponsor: NSF

Collaborators: Sue Ellen McCann, Principal Investigator (KQED-TV), Sevda Eris, Co-PI (KQED-TV)


Dr. Katie Langford, Ph.D. (Co-PI),
“Consumer Decision Making in Healthcare”

Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Collaborators: Dr. Deidre Popovich (Rawls College of Business) & Dr. Kelly Frias (American University) 


Dr. Amber McCord (Co-Investigator),
“Improving Communication of National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Studies”

Sponsor: USDA

Collaborators: Dr. Katie Abrams, Principal Investigator, Colorado State University



Lab Groups

  • Innovation Diffusion Lab
    • This project is tied to an NSF CAREER grant awarded to Kerk Kee, Ph.D. studying the impact of organizational capacity on the diffusion of cyberinfrastructure.


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