Texas Tech University

Innovation Diffusion Lab

The Innovation Diffusion Lab at Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to studying how effective communication of technology can provide a more stable foundation for a more imaginative future.

Our mission is:

  • to conduct robust research on the diffusion of innovations.
  • to develop intellectually sophisticated models/frameworks for the diffusion of innovations.
  • to find practical strategies for facilitating the diffusion of innovations.
  • to advance the diffusion of innovations theory.
  • to assure responsible practices in the diffusion of innovations.

The aim of the Innovation Diffusion Lab is to provide a space where researchers can examine whatever phenomenon they are interested in through the lens of diffusion theory. We study various innovations in several different contexts. Some of the innovations under examination:

  • Big data infrastructure
  • Water conservation behaviors
  • Social robots
  • Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin
  • HIV prevention/PrEP
  • Information diffusion for crisis/disaster management
  • Organic farming
  • Meat cultivation
  • Political activism
  • Law and policies
  • Discourse surrounding social movements
  • Ideographs and metaphor

Similar to our viewing diffusion through the contexts of multiple innovations, we also emphasize viewing innovation diffusion through the lens of multiple methodologies. The methodologies welcome on our team:

  • Quantitative: using statistical analyses to establish significant relationships and provide predictive power of a phenomenon under study.
  • Qualitative: using context-based observation, conversation, and interpretation to better understand and explore the motives and beliefs around a phenomenon.
  • Rhetorical: using close analysis of artifacts to better understand and critically examine the arguments and symbolism of a phenomenon.
  • Computational: using visualizations, simulations, and modeling of big data to provide a large-scale analysis of a phenomenon.

The Innovation Diffusion Lab welcomes team members from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. Anyone interested in joining should send a statement of interest to the Lab's Principle Investigator, Dr. Kerk F. Kee: kerk.kee@ttu.edu