Texas Tech University


The associated dates with each phase are:

Phase 1: January – May 2020

Phase 2: May 2020 – May 2021

Phase 3: May 2021 – December 2022


Phase One


  • Thematic Analysis of “Whitelists,” Blacklists,” Ethical Codes and Standards of Relevant Professional & Scholarly Organizations
  • Review Disciplinary Differences
  • Identify Common Elements
  • Draft Interview Guide for Phase Two
  • Finalize IRB Approval


  • Curated list of Lists, Standards, & Codes of Ethics for Project Website
  • Synthesis of Common Themes and Identification of Disciplinary Differences

Phase Two


  • In-depth interviews at professional conferences with key stakeholder groups
  • In-depth interviews via Skype
  • Senior & Junior/Emerging scholars
  • Academic Administrators
  • Science Journalists
  • Target N = 50-60


  • Scholarly Publications Summarizing Results of Qualitative Analysis
  • Transcripts of Interviews and Focus Group Discussions to be Archived on Project Website

Phase Three


  • Construction of Beta Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) for Project Website
  • Pilot Testing and Assessment of Beta RLOs via implementation within
  • Courses/Research Lab Groups at Texas Tech University
  • Refinement of RLOs Based on Assessment Results
  • Distribution of RLOs via Partner Organizations


  • Curates Project Website to Contain RLOs, Data Files/Transcripts, All Scholarly Products