Texas Tech University

TEA ID and Registration

The College of Education requires that you pass your certification exams the semester before you student teach. The process of registering for your exam is summarized below.

You can also download a complete guide these instructions and screenshots

Step 1: Get your TEA ID number from the Texas Education Agency

  1. Go to www.tea.state.tx.us website
  2. Click on "Educator Login" in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on Login (if you have an account) or Create New Account
  4. Follow the steps for creating a new account.
  5. The word "EDUCATOR" will appear in your "Accounts Tab". Your TEA ID number will appear under the word "Educator". Click on this link and continue.
  6. Verify and update your address, phone, email, etc.
  7. Click on "View Examinations" on the left column.
  8. Confirm the test(s) for which you have approved.

Step 2 Register with Pearson, the testing company

  1. Go to www.tx.nesinc.com
  2. Click on Register located in the middle of the banner located at the top of the page
  3. Create an account using your new TEA ID number
    1. Your Educator Preparation Program is Texas Tech.
    2. Your route to certification (if asked) is University Initial (for undergraduates) OR University PostBac with Prep (for PostBacs, supplementals, or professionals)

Step 3: Use your Pearson username and password to register for certification exams. If you do not have any exams, please contact your Site Coordinator or your Program for approval.

Note that CAT stands for computer-administered tests and PBT stands for paper-based tests.

Please note that PREPARATION MATERIALS are available from the Pearson website and should be reviewed before you take the exam.

*Once a student is certified, meaning they have received their certificate, they may register for additional exams directly with Pearson.