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Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning - Graduate Certificate

Program Description

The 15-hour Certificate in the Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning is a graduate-level certificate offered by the Educational Psychology program in the College of Education at Texas Tech University. The certificate is for working professionals and graduate students who wish to learn more about the psychology of teaching and learning and how research-based psychological principles can enhance teaching and learning in formal and informal educational settings. Additionally, this certificate program may be of interest to current Texas Tech University graduate students who aspire to teach in higher education but may not have the opportunity to participate in professional development activities for future faculty.

Offered: Depending on the courses selected, the 15-hour graduate certificate can be completed face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online.

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Course Requirements

  • The coursework below which were previously taken (prior to applying for the certificate program) may be applied toward the FTL certificate.
  • If approved, advanced research, measurement, evaluation, and statistics courses that are not listed below may be used to satisfy course requirements.

Required Coursework (15 credit hours)

EPSY 5330: Motivation in Educational Settings
Reviews various theories in motivation and their applications in education with an emphasis on the cognitive perspective of motivational processes.

EPSY 5332: Educational Psychology and Learning
Emphasis on the application of educational psychological principles to learning at all levels.

EPSY 6330: Cognition and Instruction
An exploration of the theories in cognitive psychology and their implications for instructional and assessment practices in K-12 and post-secondary educational settings.

EPSY 6349: Classroom Assessment
Foundational overview of the basic principles of classroom assessment and experience creating and evaluating assessments to measure student learning.

EPSY 6349: Practicum in Applied Educational Settings
Supervised experiences in an applied educational setting.

Alternative Coursework

With prior approval, the following courses may be used to satisfy course requirements

EDHE 5342: College Teaching
An exploration of the nature of college teaching and the teaching-learning process, including a review of major issues and problems.

EDIT 5390: Online Distance Learning
Covers the design and development of online courses and e-learning applications in K-12, adult, and higher education. Also covers instructional management and related issues.

EDCI 5333: Improving the Teaching of Thinking
Provides an instructional framework for teaching specific thinking skills and for developing and nurturing the teaching of skillful and reflective thinking in all content areas (K-12).

Career Opportunities With This Certificate

This certificate will enhance the qualifications of individuals who are seeking teaching positions in universities, public schools, school districts, and industry. This certificate is also appropriate for those currently teaching in formal and informal educational settings.

Semester in which the program can be started

Continuous enrollment, students may begin coursework during any semester.

Estimated hours to completion

15 hours


Admission is rolling so there are no deadlines.