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Policy in Practice: The Role of edTPA in Creating a Strong Teacher Workforce

1 Hour Panel Discussion Followed by Audience Q&A

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
4:00 – 5:30pm Central

The development of a strong teacher workforce has been the focus of teacher preparation programs as well as state and institutional policies for decades. There are, however, questions from both inside and out of the teacher education community about whether edTPA is an appropriate approach to assessing teacher performance. In particular, there are several state that have adopted edTPA as a statewide policy, and teacher preparation programs at institutions through those states are mandated to incorporate edTPA as part of their pre-service teacher preparation. Other states are grappling with questions about how to best develop and assess high quality teachers, and are considering edTPA as a potential tool to enhance and improve the preparation of teachers.

This webinar examines the role of edTPA in creating a strong teacher workforce by bringing together both scholars and practitioners in teacher preparation to examine not only the role of edTPA in developing strong teachers and a vibrant teacher workforce, but also to address some of the issues that critics of edTPA have highlighted, including (1) the impact of ethnicity and language on edTPA performance, (2) the usefulness of edTPA in states that have high levels of alternative certification, (3) the challenge of the technology needed for edTPA assessment, (4) the ethical and privacy issues surrounding the video component of edTPA, (5) debates about edTPA scoring, and most importantly (6) does edTPA work.

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