Texas Tech University

Special Education - Applied Behavior Analysis (MEd)


Teachers will be selected from districts with the greatest need for more BCBA-qualified personnel or teachers to work with students with autism. The goal is to build capacity in the districts by training more highly-qualified teachers who will have a professional certification that allows them to then train and supervise more teachers in their district to become BCBA certified.

Teachers and districts will need to have met the following criteria to participate in the program:

  1. Be a full-time, certified teacher (or other educational professional) in Texas working with students with ASD
  2. Commit to spend time in Lubbock for a TTU-based intensive FBA training session.
  3. Share data about their own performance and the performance of their students with TTU staff as part of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training. Teachers will be asked to share the following data through and for another year following the end of the program:
    1. Video-taped examples of their teaching students with ASD
    2. De-identified copies of IEPs and BIPs for their students with ASD
    3. Video-taped examples of their interactions and consultations with other teachers

To participate in the program, teachers will have to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply and be accepted to the graduate BCBA certificate program or SPED Masters program in the College of Education at TTU
  2. Once accepted, the teacher and the teacher's home district (Principal, Superintendent, etc.) will sign an agreement with TTU documenting their willingness to share data.