Texas Tech University

TechTeach Across Rural Texas FAQs

What are the requirements for this program?

You must be admitted to and meet the requirements of the Tech Teach program, student teach in a rural community, and upon graduation commit to teaching a minimum of 3 years in that same rural community.

What if I'm not from a rural community?

You don't have to be!

Can I student teach in the rural community of my choice?

Unfortunately, no. We have made agreements with specific partner districts.

What is the time line (regular vs. 2+1)?

We have two paths – one for students who are going into their senior year of the Tech Teach program, and one that follows our Tech Teach Across Texas (also known as 2+1) program that is 2 years condensed into 1 and runs July 1 – June 30th.

I'm transferring to Tech – which program should I choose?

Either would be possible.

How is the stipend paid out? How do I receive the money?

The $15,000 stipend is paid out monthly over the duration of the program.

What if no positions are available in the district where I student teach?

You would be given the option of teaching in one of our other rural districts if positions are available. If no positions are available, you would be released from this obligation.

What is the pay in the rural school districts?

This varies from district to district, but while rural communities tend to pay less than larger districts, there are other perks to teaching in a rural community such as smaller class size and a strong sense of community.

Can I receive any other scholarship if I do this program?


Will I qualify for Debt Forgiveness?

Debt forgiveness is applied towards specific federal grants, and depends on how long you teach and the type of school in which you teach. Contact Cozette Ledbetter (cozette.ledbetter.young@ttu.edu) in the Financial Aid Office for more details.