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TechTeach, the teacher education program at Texas Tech University, has designed a program to meet the unique needs of our students in rural Texas areas who wish to remain in their home communities. TechTeach is a clinically intensive, competency based program designed to prepare teachers who will improve the academic achievement of K-12 students. It is among the first in the nation to combine intense, clinical experiences with opportunities to dramatically improve effective teaching behaviors in order to impact student learning.

New teacher candidates will start working in classrooms in the first semester, work closely with mentors to improve the achievement of their students throughout the program, and receive support and specific feedback aimed at improving their teaching behaviors. Course work during the program is practical, and designed to prepare teacher candidates to provide teaching that impacts student learning.

School District and Community College Partners

Our current partnerships are:

  • Brownfield ISD
  • Roosevelt ISD
  • Slaton ISD
  • Floydada ISD
  • Tahoka ISD
  • Crosbyton ISD
  • Muleshoe/Springlake ISD
  • Hamlin ISD
  • Fayetteville ISD
  • Howard ISD
  • Lubbock ISD

Ms. Paul, a recent graduate of TTAT, in her kindergarten classroom.

Ms. Paul, a recent graduate of TTAT, in her
kindergarten classroom.


West Texas

Fast-Track Program

Our school district partnerships allow Teacher Candidates to complete their upper level course work and student teaching through Texas Tech University in one calendar year. The TechTeach fast-track program allows you to complete a Bachelor of Science degree and your teaching certification without leaving home. Although the courses are delivered online, you are required to (physically) be in Texas to work in designated clinical sites in our partner school districts during the student teaching practicum.

Teacher Candidates are able to choose from the following certification options:

  • Early Childhood – Grade 6: English as a Second Language
  • Early Childhood – Grade 6: Special Education
  • Early Childhood – Grade 6: Bilingual Education

Key features of TechTeach

There are four key features of TechTeach that set it apart from other programs, and (in combination) make this experience so powerful. All of these features are essential to our programs in Lubbock, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, West Texas, Houston, rural Texas, and in the Texas Hill Country:

  • Specific framework for developing effective teaching behaviors: TechTeach uses the TAP rubric to clearly define effective instructional behaviors, and provide concrete ways for teacher candidates to improve.
  • A higher quality, and greater frequency of clinical experience: TechTeach candidates begin working in classrooms in the first semester, have their courses at real school campuses, and begin student teaching one full semester earlier than other programs.
  • Digital recording to observe and improve instruction: TechTeach candidates use state of the art digital technology to capture and review their own instruction. Starting in the first semester, candidates use their own video footage for evaluation and improvement.
  • Co-teaching with an exceptional mentor teacher: TechTeach candidates work in partner districts alongside an experienced, handpicked mentor teacher committed to the professional growth of their teacher candidate. Co-teaching involves working together to plan, carry out, evaluate and adjust instruction in whole-group and small-group settings.

When you step into a classroom with your first teaching appointment, these features will help you be poised, successful, and fully prepared to impact student achievement on day one.


  • Completed Associate of Arts in Teaching degree
  • Minimum of 2.75 GPA
  • 66 completed core curriculum transferable hours
  • Foreign language requirement (2 years from high school or 2 semesters of college level)

Elementary Online 2+1 Distance Program

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