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Keynote Speakers

The Counselor Education Program at Texas Tech University, College of Education is pleased to announce that Attorney Kenda Dalrymple and Dr. John Delony will be the keynote speakers for the 2022 Counselor Education Growth Conference. The morning keynote topic by Mrs. Dalrymple is:

“Counselors Beware: Legal Issues Faced by Counselors”

Kenda Dalrymple is the Managing Partner of Dalrymple, Shellhorse, Ellis & Diamond, LLP in Austin, Texas. Mrs. Dalrymple practices in the areas of administrative law and health law with a special emphasis on representing and defending licensed professionals in complaint cases before various licensing boards. Mrs. Dalrymple frequently presents on ethics, confidentiality, HIPAA, records management, responding to subpoenas, discovery requests, and practice enhancement. Her presentation will address ethical and legal issues that confront mental health professionals and provide practical suggestions for avoiding, recognizing, and resolving difficult practice situations.

The afternoon keynote topic by Dr. Delony is:

“Reimagining Ethical Counseling: Trauma, Stories, Neuroscience and the Future of Counseling”

Dr. John Delony is a New York Times bestselling author, mental health expert, and host of The Dr. John Delony Show at Ramsey Solutions in Franklin, Tennessee. He has two PhD degrees and over two decades of experience in counseling, crisis response, and higher education. Currently as the host of The Dr. John Delony Show, Dr. Delony guides callers through real life relationships and mental health challenges. The focus of his presentation will be on educating the audience on anxiety as well as ethical components of anxiety, as Dr. Delony posits many of the thoughts we believe about anxiety are half-truths at best and complete myths at worst.


For more information about the conference, please contact the conference coordinators at epce.educ@ttu.edu.