Texas Tech University

Health and Safety

Emergency and Crisis Response

Should an emergency situation develop in a residence hall, students will be notified by the hall staff. Because of variations in the physical design of the residence halls on campus, instructions will be given according to the particular hall's requirements. Each student is strongly advised to know and practice an escape route should an emergency occur. Because of the potential danger to other residents, hallways should be kept clear of any obstructions in case of fire.

Inclement Weather and Campus Closings

Various types of weather affect the Lubbock region throughout the year. Texas Tech maintains a centralized warning and alert system for use in the event major storms or other disasters threaten our community. Ideally, sufficient warning time will allow precautionary measures to be implemented. The unpredictability of weather conditions, however, does not always provide for adequate warning.

Crime Prevention Strategies

Bedbugs: Facts, Prevention, and Treatment

Emergency Procedures

Residence Hall Policies

Sexual Harassment

How to Prevent Mold and Mildew


False Reporting and False Alarms

Please be advised, you can be arrested and charged with a state jail felony for:

  • Pulling a fire alarm when there is no smoke or fire;
  • For calling in a bomb threat; or
  • For making a report about any emergency situation you know is false.

Under Section 42.06 of the Texas Penal Code, it is a state jail felony for an individual to knowingly initiate, communicate or circulate a report of a present, past, or future bombing, fire, offense, or other emergency that the individual knows is false, involves a public or private institution of higher education, and would:

  1. Cause action by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies;
  2. Place a person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; or
  3. Prevent or interrupt the occupation of a building, room, place of assembly, place to which the public has access, or aircraft, automobile, or other mode of conveyance.

These actions are no longer considered a misdemeanor in the state of Texas. You will be arrested and charged if you participate in reporting or causing a false report of an emergency.