Texas Tech University

Criminal Law and Innocence Concentration

Texas Tech University School of Law is one of the few law schools in the country to offer a Concentration in Criminal Law and Innocence. This innovative program is founded upon experiential learning, innovative coursework, and research and writing in and around criminal justice reform issues as well as real cases in which the innocence of a convicted defendant is at issue. The Concentration is designed for students enrolled in the School of Law who have an interest in pursuing either a prosecutorial or criminal defense practice upon graduation. The program consists of a curricular concentration, a substantial written project, and an experiential component which provides the student an opportunity to deepen his or her knowledge in the area of criminal law, work with a faculty mentor, and gain invaluable practical experience. The award of the Concentration in Criminal Law and Innocence is noted on the student's final transcript.

Concentration Program Requirements

The Concentration in Criminal Law and Innocence Program requires that the student complete:

  1. a planned course of study including specific courses,
  2. a criminal-law related externship or clinical experience, along with participation in law school-sponsored criminal law events, and
  3. the writing requirement which may also satisfy the upper level writing requirement for graduation.

Completion of the program leads to the awarding of a Concentration in Criminal Law and Innocence which will become part of the student's permanent transcript.

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The Director shall also have authority to modify, waive or reconfigure the Program Requirements where necessary to promote equity and fairness in the event of unforeseen complications or exigent circumstances.

Director of the Criminal Law and Innocence Concentration

Professor Patrick Metze
Professor of Law
Director, Criminal Law and Innocence Concentration
Director, Criminal Clinics