Texas Tech University

Exam Information for Faculty

Examination Notification and Administration

The Registrar's Office must be notified of all exams given during a semester to ensure compliance with testing accommodations for certain students under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Faculty members who plan to give mid-term exams, quizzes, and practice tests during the semester should utilize the Midterm & Quiz Survey issued to faculty at the beginning of every semester to give proper notification to the Registrar's Office. Likewise, the Final Exam Survey will be distributed later in the semester to gather relevant information regarding your final exam. It is important that you complete the form in its entirety to ensure a successful examination administration.

Final examinations are administered by the Office of the Registrar with the assistance of Law School Staff. Other types of exams, such as mid-terms, class quizzes, and practice exams should be administered by staff members, teaching assistants, or by faculty members. Students receiving accommodations will have their exam, quiz, practice exam, test, etc. administered by the Registrar's Office.

Rescheduling Exams

To maintain the school policy of anonymity in the exam process, faculty members should not discuss test administration procedures with any student, including requests to reschedule exams. Please direct all students with these inquiries to the Registrar's Office or to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Classrooms for Exams

Other than final exams, faculty are responsible for reserving their own rooms if the exam will be conducted outside their normal classroom period. When reserving a room, build in extra time for start-up (we ask students to be in the testing room 15 minutes ahead of time) and for ending the exam (students need time to deposit their exam, put up their supplies, and to clear the room). As a courtesy, give notification of your exam to any professors who use the room before or after the exam.

TTU Policy 34.10

In accordance with TTU Operating Policy 34.10, no substantial examinations, other than bona fide makeup examinations, may be given during the last week of classes. The "last week of classes" is defined as the last five weekdays or calendar class days prior to reading day.

In addition, class-related activities with the exception of office hours are prohibited on designated reading days and during the final examination period. These dates are set aside for students to prepare for and take scheduled final examinations. During this period, review sessions are not to be scheduled, quizzes are not to be given, and no other class-related activities can be scheduled.