Texas Tech University

Degree & Enrollment Verification

Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University School of Law has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree & enrollment verifications.

Verification of Degree or Enrollment (Companies/Organizations)

If you are a representative of a company or organization needing to verify a degree or enrollment for a student, you must submit a verification request via www.studentclearinghouse.org. Select the "Order—Track—Verify" tab for information and instructions. Contact the National Student Clearinghouse customer service center via the "Contact Us" link if you have any questions or concerns regarding your request.

Verification of Enrollment (Current Students)

Current students may request an enrollment verification through the National Student Clearinghouse under the Registration area of their MyTech tab on Raiderlink.

Former Student/Alumni Enrollment & Degree Verifications:

Former Tech Law students and Tech Law alumni requesting an enrollment or degree verification can do so by contacting Assistant Dean and Registrar Janessa Walls at janessa.walls@ttu.edu.