Texas Tech University

Richard Murphy

AT&T Professor of Law, 2009

Email: richard.murphy@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-3654

Admitted to practice in Minnesota.

After graduating from law school, Professor Murphy had the great good fortune to clerk for the Honorable Stephen S. Trott of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He then returned to Minneapolis, where he worked as a litigation associate at the firm of Dorsey & Whitney. In 2000, he leaped across the Mississippi River to St. Paul to begin teaching at William Mitchell College of Law. He has also taught as a visiting professor at the law schools of University of Idaho, Seton Hall, and Lewis & Clark.

He is a co-author of Volume 33 of Federal Practice & Procedure, Judicial Review of Administrative Action. He is a co-editor of an administrative law casebook and co-chair of the Judicial Review Committee of the ABA's Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section. He is also a former member of the section's Governing Council.

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  • B.A., Carleton College, 1987, magna cum laude
  • J.D., University of Minnesota Law School, 1995, summa cum laude


  • Administrative Law
  • Antitrust
  • Civil Procedure
  • Federal Courts
  • Telecommunications
  • Property


Articles & Essays

The DIY Unitary Executive, 63 Arizona Law Review 439 (2021), https://arizonalaw.org/the-diy-unitary-exeuctive.

Due Process and Judicial Review of Government Kill Lists
, 67 Loyola Law Review 473 (2021).

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Book Review, 13 Constitutional Commentary 330 (1996) (review of Martin H. Redish, The Constitution As Political Structure (1995))

Note, Can They Do That? Due Process and Article III Problems of Proposed Findings of Criminal Contempt in Bankruptcy Court, 78 Minn. L. Rev. 1607 (1994)


Books and Book Chapters

Judicial Review of Administrative Action, 33 Federal Practice and Procedure (West, 2d ed. 2018) (with Wright & Koch).

Informalizing Informal Rulemaking, in Comparative Perspectives on Administrative Procedure (Carolina Academic Press, 2017; Weaver, Hofmann, Huang & Friedland, eds.)

Administrative Law: Cases and Materials (Carolina Academic Press, 8th ed. 2020; LexisNexis, 7th ed. 2015; 6th ed. 2010; 5th ed. 2006) (co-authored with Charles H. Koch, Jr., William Jordan, III, & Louis Virelli, III)

A Guide to Judicial and Political Review of Federal Agencies (ABA, 2d ed. 2015; Michael Herz, Richard Murphy & Kathryn Watts, eds.)

The Applicability of the Chevron Doctrine—“Chevron Step Zero,” in A Guide to Judicial and Political Review of Federal Agencies (ABA, 2d ed. 2015) (co-authored with Steven Croley)

Michael Asimow & Richard Murphy, Administrative Law: Gilbert Law Summaries (15th ed. 2014)

Judicial Review, in Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice (2003-present; yearly book chapter) (J. Lubbers, ed.) (2015-18, with Professor Linda Jellum; 2006-14, with Professor Kathryn Watts; 2005-06, with Keith Rizzardi; 2004-05, with Professor Lisa Schultz Bressman and Keith Rizzardi)


Other Writings

2013-2021 Annual Revisions for Charles H. Koch, Jr., Administrative Law & Practice (West 3rd ed. 2010) (4 volume treatise of administrative law)

2013-2021 Annual Revisions for Wright & Koch, 32 & 33 Federal Practice & Procedure: Judicial Review of Administrative Action (West 2006)

Supreme Court News (co-authored with Professor Louis Virelli), 47 Administrative and Regulatory Law News (ABA) __ (Fall 2021); 46 ARLN __ (Summer 2021); 46 ARLN 20 (Spring 2021); 46 ARLN 35 (Winter 2021); 46 ARLN 18 (Fall 2020)

Four Opinions on Access to the Courts from the Supreme Court's 2019 Term, 46 Administrative and Regulatory Law News (ABA) 22 (Winter 2021)

A Forgotten Nineteenth-Century Supreme Court Super-Deference Curio, Notice & Comment, a Blog from Yale Journal on Regulation and ABA Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice, April 14, 2017, available at  http://yalejreg.com/nc/a-forgotten-nineteenth-century-supreme-court-super-deference-curio-by-richard-murphy/

Is this the most anti-environmental bill of 2015? The Hill, July 10, 2015 (co-authored with Professor Thomas McGarity)

Earmarking Away the Public Interest, Issue Alert #1503, Center for Progressive Reform, July 2015 (with Professor Thomas McGarity and CPR Senior Policy Analyst James Goodwin) available at http://progressivereform.org/articles/Anti-Reg_Riders_1503.pdf

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The First Step: Let's Kill All the Regulations. Reg Blog (University of Pennsylvania Program on Regulation), June 29, 2012, available at https://www.law.upenn.edu/blogs/regblog/2012/06/29-murphy-romney-step.html


Reviews contributed to JOTWELL (Journal of Things We Like (Lots)), available at jotwell.com

Dec. 15, 2020, The Nondelegation Doctrine and a Deep Dive into Federal Taxation of Real Estate in 1798 that You Didn't Even Know You Needed (a review of Parillo, A Critical Assessment of the Originalist Case against Administrative Regulatory Power, 131 Yale L.J. (2021))

April 30, 2019, Data Processing Detective Story (discussing Caleb Nelson, “Standing” and Remedial Rights in Administrative Law, 105 Va. L. Rev. 703 (2019)).

March 13, 2018: Just How Big an Envelope Will You Be Needing for that Benefit-Cost Analysis? (discussing Christopher Carrigan & Stuart Shapiro, What's Wrong with the Back of the Envelope? A Call for Simple (and Timely) Benefit-Cost Analysis, 11 Regulation & Governance (2017))

April 17, 2017: Reviving and Refining a Pragmatic Approach to Finality (discussing William Funk, Final Agency Action after Hawkes, 11 N.Y.U. J.L. & Liberty 285 (2017))

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Jan. 15, 2014: What Does It Feel Like to Have OIRA Review Your Rule? (discussing Lisa Heinzerling, Inside EPA: A Former Insider's Reflections on the Relationship Between the Obama EPA and the Obama White House, 31 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 325 (2014))

Dec. 17, 2012: An Evolving Administrative Law of Targeted Warfare (and the Power of Londoner/BiMetallic) (discussing Pildes & Issacharoff, Targeted Warfare: Individuating Enemy Responsibility, 88 NYU L. Rev. 1521 (2013)