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Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements

Date Approved and/or Revised

March 13, 2013 (revised)

Add-Drops. Second- and third-year students may add courses on MyTech (at raiderlink.ttu.edu) through the fifth day of classes in the fall and spring and through the third day of classes in the summer sessions. Drops may be made through to the twelfth day of classes during fall and spring semesters and through the fourth day of classes in summer sessions. Permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the professor is required for any schedule changes made after the deadlines. Permission by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is also required to drop a course load below 13 credits or to take the maximum load of 18 credits (see the Normal Course Load policy, as reference). Students should verify that any courses dropped do not reduce their course loads below the number required for a spring or fall semester.