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Class Attendance and Participation

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Class Attendance and Participation


Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements

Date Approved and/or Revised

March 13, 2013 (revised)

Class Attendance and Participation. The law school requires regular attendance in and preparation for classes by students to meet the accreditation standards of the American Bar Association. The law school is obligated to certify to the various boards of state bar examiners that each student has been in regular attendance in classroom instruction, and the law school will not certify a student whose attendance has not been regular.

Each professor has the privilege of excluding a student from the course or from the final examination in the course whenever that student has accumulated excessive absences or excessive occasions of lack of preparation. The professor shall announce the specific rules on absences and lack of preparation for the course and will give students oral or written notice when they are subject to exclusion for violating these rules. The professor shall inform the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in writing of the exclusion of any student under this rule. A student who is excluded from a course or final examination for reason of absences or lack of preparation shall receive a withdrawal (W), if adequate justification is made, or withdrawal with a failing grade of "WF" (0.0), as indicated by the professor.

No exclusion shall be made under this rule unless the professor has previously announced his or her requirements concerning attendance or preparation.
Classroom performance and attendance may be taken into consideration in awarding the final grade in a course, and such consideration is limited to adding or subtracting one letter-grade increment to or from the final grade otherwise awarded. For example, a final grade of C+ (2.50) may be raised to B (3.00) or reduced to C (2.00) if the professor elects to consider class performance and attendance.