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Course Withdrawals


Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements

Date Approved and/or Revised

August 26, 2013

Withdrawing from Courses. Withdrawal from first-year courses is not permitted except under unusual circumstances. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall determine what constitutes such circumstances.

A student may withdraw from second- or third-year courses without permission only during the first six weeks of the semester in the fall and spring semester and in the first three weeks of a summer term provided that the withdrawal does not result in a violation of hour requirements.

Withdrawal after the six-week or three-week period is possible only with the consent of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the professor (unless the student is willing to take a grade of "F" for the course). Such withdrawal shall be permitted only in unusual, exceptional, and unforeseeable circumstances.

If a student is enrolled in a seminar for which a paper is due or a student is enrolled in independent research for credit for which a paper is due, the paper must be received by the professor in final acceptable form on or before the day before the first day of the final examination period. A later date must be approved by the professor and the Office of the Dean (such date not to be later than the last Friday before the beginning of the next academic period). The professor shall notify the registrar, who shall record the student=s withdrawal (W) or withdrawal with a failing grade of "WF" (0.0), as indicated by the professor if the above rules are not complied with.

Unilateral withdrawal by a student from a course without proper prior permission, where required, will result in a failing grade of "F" (0.0) for that course.

With the exception of different time periods, the change of registration rules apply to courses given during the summer. The time periods during the summer are three days for adding courses and three weeks for withdrawing.