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Hooding Ceremony Policy

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Hooding Ceremony Policy


Miscellaneous Policies and Information

Date Approved and/or Revised

August 30, 2013; October 16, 2016 (revised); February 22, 2017 (revised); March 28, 2018 (revised); September 25, 2019 (revised & effective)

Academic Regalia. Students may wear indicia of achievement or identity, typically a cord or stole, with their academic regalia at law school hooding ceremonies. Additionally, all hooding attorneys and professors must wear regalia. If a student chooses a hooding attorney who is not a Tech Law professor, it is the student's responsibility to make sure the hooding attorney has appropriate regalia for the ceremony.

Academic regalia should be ordered from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at the Student Union Building. Law students should ask for a law doctoral gown, cap, and hood. A rental fee and deposit fee is required at the time the order is placed. Following the hooding ceremony, all academic regalia should be returned promptly to the Bookstore. Students may be charged a fee if they return their regalia in a damaged condition.

Diplomas. Diplomas are mailed to students after all graduates have been certified as meeting degree requirements. Diplomas are ordered after final grades are received and honors are posted to the student's record. The completion of a concentration program will not be noted on the student's diploma.

Diploma Reorder Policy. Law students may order unlimited copies of their diploma documents, in the diploma format (including signatures of the president, dean, etc.) available at the time of their orders. Orders may be submitted to the law school Registrar and will be subject to appropriate fee(s). Diplomas will be issued only in the official names on record for the students. All diploma orders will contain a statement of “duplicate” or “reissued” with the date of the order. Students must clear any financial or transcript holds on their records before their orders will be processed.

Graduation Checkout. It is the student's responsibility to review their education records with the Law School Registrar prior to their last semester before graduation to verify that they will meet degree requirements. Each student is responsible for knowing the requirements for graduation and must have completed all requirements before the degree can be awarded. Students can review their degree to completion at any point by using DegreeWorks, found in Raiderlink.

Honors. The following honors are shown on a student's diploma and transcript based on cumulative GPA: Cum Laude 3.200-3.399, Magna Cum Laude 3.400-3.599, Summa Cum Laude 3.600-4.000. The Registrar determines the students who qualify for honors after final grades have been posted and the list of graduates has been certified.

Hooding Ceremony. Hooding ceremonies are held at the end of the spring semester only. December graduates may participate in the May ceremony following their expected graduation. August graduates may participate in the May ceremony preceding their graduation. Other than August graduates, students are not allowed to participate in a Hooding Ceremony earlier than the semester in which they expect to graduate. Students expecting to complete a dual degree program are allowed to participate in the Hooding Ceremony only when the completion of both degrees is expected. Any questions concerning the hooding ceremony should be directed to the Office of Student Life.