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Normal Course Load


Academic Policies

Date Approved and/or Revised

May 16, 2014 (revised), February 22, 2017 (revised), March 29, 2017 (revised)

Normal Course Load. A "normal course load" is 13-17 credit hours for fall and spring semesters. A load of 10 credits is permitted for the combined summer sessions, not to exceed 6 credits in one summer term. The credit hours for summer courses that span both sessions will be split between sessions to determine a student's course load. A deviation from a normal course load is possible only with the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In no event will such deviation result in a student taking more than 18 credits per regular semester or 11 credits over two summer terms. Moreover, except as authorized by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, no student will be permitted to take less than 12 credits in a fall or spring semester unless the student needs fewer than 12 credits to graduate or when it is necessary to accommodate a student's disability.

The normal course load for students on scholastic probation is 14-16 credit hours per regular semester. Deviations for students on probation are allowed only for students in their last semester when they lack fewer than 14 credits to graduate or when it is necessary to accommodate a student's disability.

A "normal course load" for dual-degree students is between 13-17 credit hours per semester, which includes law courses and non-law courses from the other side of the degree program. A dual-degree student may take more than 17 credits in a regular semester but may not take more than 20 percent of the total coursework required for the dual-degree program in a semester. A dual-degree student enrolled in summer school is subject to the same enrollment limits as other J.D. students.

Summer School Status Definitions for Aid Eligibility. Students enrolled for 4 credit hours or more in summer school are defined as full-time students. Students enrollment for 2 or 3 credit hours in summer school are defined as half-time students.