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Registration Policies


Academic Policies and Graduation Requirements

Date Approved and/or Revised

August 26, 2013; October 11, 2017 (revised)

Registration Policies.

  1. First-year Students. All courses taken by first-year students are required, and students are assigned classes. To complete fall registration, students must pay their fees and tuition with Student Business Services. First-year students will be registered for spring courses in October of their first semester at the law school. No student will have the same professor for more than one course in the first year. First-year students are not permitted to drop courses without special permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  2. Second- and Third-year Students. Second- and third-year students select their own courses and register in accordance with the preceding and following guidelines and rules. Second- and third-year students can confirm their schedules by visiting www.raiderlink.ttu.edu and clicking on the student detail schedule under MyTechLaw. Class schedules and course offerings may change up to the day classes begin.
  3. Course Descriptions. Students will find course descriptions at www.catalog.law.ttu.edu
  4. Registration. Current students register for the next Summer academic year in March and the next Fall and Spring academic year in April. Registration materials will be posted each year on the law school website for students to make their course selections. If a desired course is closed, a student may sign up for the waitlist following the instructions in the registration materials. If a position opens in the class, the student at the top of the waitlist will be notified by an email message sent to his or her law school email address. The student has 24 hours to respond to the request. After that, the offer goes to the next student on the waitlist.
  5. Registration Priorities. Current and rising third-year students will be given an opportunity to register before rising second-year students for most courses. Some professors may restrict enrollment in their courses to students who possess particular qualifications.
  6. Prerequisites for Courses. Students will not be permitted to take any courses for which they have not completed the prerequisite unless the professor gives written approval.
  7. Courses with Time Conflicts. Students are not permitted to register in two courses whose scheduled times conflict with each other unless the professor gives written approval.